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Chris G. Van de Walle, Professor of Materials at the UCSB and Herbert Kroemer Chair in Materials Science, has been awarded the 2015 TMS John Bardeen Award

Chris Van de Walle

The award recognizes Van de Walle’s “seminal contributions to the theory and understanding of semiconductor band offsets, doping, defects, and loss mechanisms, and the role of hydrogen in electronic materials”.

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Suman Datta receives the Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS) Premier Research Award

Suman Datta

The Penn State Engineering Alumni Society Premier Research Award recognizes and rewards an individual whose contributions to scientific knowledge through research are exemplary and internationally acclaimed.

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Narayanan named Distinguished Professor

Vijay Narayanan

Vijay Narayanan, Professor of computer science and engineering and electrical engineering, has been conferred the status of distinguished professor in Penn State's

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New Discovery Opens Door For Radical Reduction in Energy Consumed By Digital Devices

bwalsh • Date: December 17, 2014

Press release on UC Berkeley direct measurement of negative capacitance for steep transistors.

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